Slow Start? Smyrna Hyundai battery Replacement

August 6th, 2021 by

Battery Replacement In Smyrna, GA

Do you know what signs to look for if your Smyrna Hyundai battery needs replaced? Did you just notice your Hyundai engine taking longer than usual to crank? Perhaps you hear a strange noise or the lights flicker as you turn your key? These are common indicators of battery failure in the near future. The components inside your battery tend to wear out and become less efficient over time. This causes the battery to take longer to produce a charge for the starter, making you wait a few additional seconds before the engine turns over.

If you’re searching for a Smyrna Hyundai battery replacement, Ed Voyles Hyundai of Smyrna, GA, is the right auto service provider for you.

How Does Hyundai Battery Replacement Work?

To get your car off and running, most Hyundai batteries rely on a lead-acid chemical reaction. As part of the SLI category (starting, lighting, and ignition), these batteries generate energy to power your engine, accessories, and lights. The alternator provides power when energy reaches the engine. Oftentimes, the battery won’t go dead but won’t still be operating at optimal levels.

In this case, if you leave your battery unchecked, your Hyundai may exert too much pressure on the starter or alternator to improve power. In other words, it draws additional power to compensate for the energy loss from the battery, thereby making your engine run outside of ideal conditions. The longer you take to fix the issue, the more costly it can prove.

Signs Your Car Battery Needs Replaced In Smyrna

  • Electrical Issues and Dim Lights – From your dashboard computer to lights and radio, all the electronics in your Hyundai rely on the battery. These elements won’t run at full power if the battery is losing its charge. If you notice anything like that such as dim headlights, battery replacement might be necessary.
  • Corroded Terminals – If you spot a white, ashy substance on the metal surfaces of your battery, you’re faced with a corrosion problem. Corroded connectors represent the negative and positive metal connections on your battery, which result in voltage issues. Consequently, your Hyundai will face trouble starting.
  • Old Battery – It’s important to understand that car batteries don’t last beyond five years, and that’s in ideal conditions. The exact battery lifespan varies based on driving behaviors, electronic demands, and climate. To stay on the safe side, get your Hyundai battery tested from time to time once it hits the 3-year mark. If it’s close to hitting 5 years, be prepared to get it replaced in Smyrna.
  • Bad Smell – Your battery can begin to leak gas in response to an internal short or damage to the battery. Following the leak, you may sense a bad smell, similar to that of rotten eggs, especially when you open the hood. Bring your vehicle to Ed Voyles Hyundai of Smyrna, GA as soon as you smell anything like that to avoid serious car problems later.
  • The Check Engine Light is On – The check engine light will turn on to alert Hyundai owners of various issues, one of which is a battery issue. If the light is on and you aren’t sure what’s wrong, consider getting a battery inspection to determine whether or not it’s working at its full capacity.

Whatever symptoms you detect, make sure you act quickly in considering Smyrna Hyundai Battery Replacement.

What Causes Your Battery to Die Quickly In Smyrna?

The energy produced from driving is what recharges your Hyundai battery. Therefore, it requires continuous long trips to fully charge. Too many short trips around Smyrna won’t allow it to recharge, thereby straining the system. Similarly, if the vehicle sits for longer periods with the ignition on or you forget to turn off the headlights before leaving the car, you may find upon returning that the battery is dead.

Will I Need to Recharge the New Battery?

When you replace your existing Hyundai battery with a new one, you need not worry about charging. This is because the new battery comes fully charged. It’s true that batteries in the past would come dry and you would have to get them filled with acid. That’s no longer the case. Just make sure that you acquire your battery from a trusted dealership or manufacturer, that it’s fully sealed, and that it’s a 14-volt battery.

Where Can I Get My Hyundai Battery Replaced In Smyrna, GA?

By now, you should have developed a clear understanding of Hyundai battery issues. Ed Voyles Hyundai is the best option when considering your Smyrna Hyundai battery replacement. We have been serving the Metro Atlanta area, including Alpharetta, Douglasville, Woodstock, Kennesaw, Marietta, and Sandy Springs since 1988.

When it comes to Hyundai servicing, we’re your one-stop solution for all possible Hyundai issues, including those related to your battery. Our certified and experienced technicians are dedicated to delivering the best service and evaluating and fixing your vehicle in a timely manner so it’s back on the road as soon as possible. To book an appointment, contact us today!